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Church of Meggers

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(Worship Meggers)

I met meggers! [03 Oct 2004|02:46pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

I met Meggers on thursday, He was really nice!
While he was drumming during the show a speaker fell on him, & i dont mean a small one...It was pretty big. He somehow managed (without skipping a beat) to throw it off himself. That was pretty neat!

I took a 4 second video shot of him drumming, check it out:

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hmm...Question? [13 Jan 2004|09:02pm]

[ mood | confused ]

I was looking at the user info page for the Church of Megs community and i noticed something odd. in the category of intrests it has the casualties, but its spelt the casualities(extra i). not a big deal really but since this is a community about Meggers and hes in the band, maybe casualties should be spelt right? so maybe whoever can edit it should. also another weird thing. theres about 60 or 70 people with the "the casualities" as an intErest and its spelt like that. odd

tell me if im crazy!

P.S. Meggers = Sex

******START POSTING!!!******

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[14 Nov 2003|03:16pm]

[ mood | awake ]

ok. this one post is going to make me look like the most stupid, most trendy piece of shit ever but eh.

I haven't known about Meggers for that long but like..um...two days ago a friend and I were looking at Casualties pictures and we were trying to figure out who is who. We have no lives. Yes I'm a casualties fan. so we found pictures of when meggers had the green hawk and ahh!!! I love his hair. So my main goal in life right now is to lick him....his face/hair. I'm not freakish...right? well..i think that's about it.

Also..does anyone know how old he/the rest of the casualties ist/are? cause...they're pretty shady about hiding their ages

um..now to end with something that might make me not look so stupid...um...hi?

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[31 Oct 2003|11:45pm]

omgomgomgogmogmogmgomgomgomg. im so glad i found this community thanks to
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omgomgomgogmogmogmgomgomgomg. im so glad i found this community thanks to <lj-user="pjxcore">....

well yesterday i met the man himself, marc eggers! i talked to him for like 30 mins about weird things... but he's so hott!

heres the pic of me and him...

<IMG SRC="http://www.msnusers.com/mypicture?user=4263~5AAAAAjAACgDUyVIcmlBqfcqHsIlQXflEH852jInyA3hRfVqhl1DiaFQ$$~5AAAAAkAAE9gT6V2kRyf4M*JAAN3z80G5kF8YNnN4G1ws$">

I really didn't want to be in that pic but he made me!! we took like 4 pics and that was the only one that worked. i look so fugly in that pic!

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[25 Oct 2003|01:06pm]

Meggers=God. Don't question it.

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